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Bold AI


 Helping organizations accelerate their digital transformation by adopting an Exponential Mindset and Artificial Intelligence.

The AI journey

for leaders

This program is aimed at business managers and executives who are responsible for making strategic decisions regarding the implementation of AI and machine learning technologies in their organization, and who wish to equip themselves to evaluate proposals in terms of impact and feasibility.

This training will also allow project leaders to acquire the skills and knowledge necessary to formulate and develop these strategies themselves.

The AI journey

for workforce

This course aims to equip new generations of engineers and scientists who are expected to experience significant changes related to the convergence of artificial intelligence technologies in their field.

The training focuses on building knowledge of machine learning techniques, available tools, and putting machine learning into practice.

Bold AI for Leaders

  • Clear understanding to evaluate their company's strategies to implement AI projects.

  • Work on real industrial issues requiring strategies regarding the implementation of AI technologies.

  • Create a corporate culture favorable to the adoption of AI and its convergences.


Bold AI for Workforce

  • Develop workforce skills by combining new knowledge in the field of artificial intelligence with their current specialties.

  • Opportunity for industrial partners to collaborate with professionals with a background in engineering or science.

  • Multidisciplinary professionals ready to transition to digital transformation and implement AI.

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